Aspen – failed to authenticate current system user

Found myself into a problem today trying to get to work Aspen Process Explorer 6.1 on Windows 7. The error we received was

Security Authentication Error: Info: Failed to authenticate current system user: username with the domain domainname

Aspen process explorer authentication error

If you looked at the logs of the AFW Security Manager you would see that in some cases it worked if you typed the credentials instead of leting Windows 7 pass the security to the application.

In our case we were working on a windows 7 deployment on all of our desktops and most of those desktops had Aspen Process Explorer installed, so it was crucial for us to get the Aspen process explorer authentication error fixed

We solved this by changing the compatibility level of the application to Windows XP. It actually didn’t need to be run as administrator, changing the compatibility level was enough.

Hope it helps solving your Aspen process explorer authentication error.


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