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solved – Private loads not supported for this card

When you first receive your payoneer card and try to use the private load service you may find that your card does not support private loads. Needed some time but found out how to solve this and be able to load my card.

Private loads not supported for this card

Living in Argentina and trying to save some dollars loading my payoneer card through my personal credit card found that I was not able to do it because private loads were not available for my card.

First of all we need to understand that the main objective of payoneer is to receive payments from their business partners like Odesk or Paypal and not for private loading exclusively.

private loads not supported for this card

However there is a way to solve this and be able to load money to your card.

After being at the payoneer forums for a few days and writing to technical support the first thing that I learnt was that in order to be able to load funds to the card you need to make some small loads from any of the official partners like paypal. 

For a few weeks transferred small amounts of money from paypal to my payoneer card but nothing changed and my card didn’t accept any private loads. After a month, and since my main occupation is not internet business started to wonder why I applied for the card in the first place.

Then read in detail the requirements of payoneer’s affiliate program where you can earn 25 dollars for each of your friends that you recommend the card and applies for it. On of the requirements in order to earn that 25 dollars is that the referred person makes any transaction of 100 dollars or more.

Checking at my account balance found that there were less than 100 dollars on it so decided to give it a try and made a new transfer that adding to the balance I had at that time will reach the 100 dollars requirement.

After that, good news, I was able to load my payoneer through my credit card.

private loads not supported for this card

Since a friend of mine also received a card and didn’t load any money to it we did a load of 110 dollars to his card just to see if the card was able to receive private loads… didn’t work.

Payoneer states that in oder to receive private loads you first need to receive at least one load from any of their partners and then you get your card enabled to receive funds from credit cards but found out that is not as simple as that. Don’t know if it was because I was trying to load my card from Argentina or if there is a kind of rank of things that will enable your card to receive personal loads but managed to get rid of the limitation by loading my card doing small transfers of more than 100 dollars.

Hope this helps someone else. Wrote the same article for a blog related to payoneer in spanish you can find it at Resolver – Private loads not supported for this card.

Also, the guys from Payoneer affiliates latam featured this post on Informacion sobre cargas privadas de payoneer – thanks!