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10 absolutely free books about Big Data

Books about big data
Big Data by Ron Mader

Last week took sometime to write a new post on wetcom’s virtualization and cloud computing blog (in spanish) about 10 free ebooks about big data that I found on amazon.

Since english is not my mother language it  took me a lot more time to translate the article but here it is!.

There are countless blogs and online portals specializing in Big Data but in most cases have a common problem. Not having a structured way to read the content already published makes impossible for those who only want to learn or even begin to analyze Big Data.

For this, and looking to simplify the process a bit I decided to find some books (ebooks specifically) on amazon with the following characteristics:

  • The main topic is Big Data.
  • Related to Big Data in any way.
  • Have at least 1 positive review.
  • Be Free.

After a few hours of work, and here the result of the research.

 10 books about big data absolutely free!

books about big data
Disruptive Possibilities: How Big Data Changes Everything

This book is a good introduction to the world of Big Data. Presents simple technologies that can work both open source as those taken by various vendors who applied their proprietary technologies on them.

Has a clear focus on what disruptive Big Data is. This book has 13 reviews 9 of which are 5 stars on amazon.

books about big data
Big Data Now: 2012 Edition

This book is not purely technical. Has a dedicated business approach and especially ways you can use the information in order to create new products.

It also serves as an introduction to Big Data’s “Lingo”  as it includes basic definitions and structures that will enable the reader who is just beginning to have simple and neat idea of the ecosystem.

It has a few years already but it serves as a reference. It has 21 reviews 9 of which are 5 stars on amazon.

books about big data
Decoding Big Data

This is the first book I chose about Big data that doesn’t belong to the series published by O’Reilly.

Explain the basics of Big Data, their use cases, and how companies that invest in these technologies are exposed to potential risks and rewards never seen before.

It’s a short book, 60 pages, published by Portfolio Penguin. It has few reviews but highly valued.

books about big data
Planning for Big Data

The book explains that Big Data is, what it means for business and how to start solving problems related to data.

It also includes a section on the role of virtualization in the world of Big Data and a very detailed description of the entire Hadoop ecosystem and the contributions made ​​by different vendors that adopted the technology and developed their own Big Data solutions.

Personally this was the first book devoted purely to Big Data I read. It has 10 reviews in total and all between 4 and 5 stars.

books about big data
Designing Great Data Products

As you can see this is another book on the subject published by O’Reilly. More than a book you should consider a report by the less than 30 pages it has.

The focus is the same, predictive systems developed in the last decade used for climate prediction as well as in product recommendation systems such the developed by amazon. While developing these topics it also presents the evolution occurred in recent years and the future outlook.

It has 2 reviews 3 and 4 stars each.

books about big data  Mobile Banking: Financial Services Meet the Electronic Wallet

This book is not 100% focused on the world of Big Data but does so on the world of mobile banking (not internet banking) and its evolution in what is becoming known as “electronic wallet.”

Poses a disruption of the traditional banking system and raises alternative channels for new products or services by applying Big Data.

It has few reviews, 4, and shared among 4 and 5 stars on amazon.

books about big data
Data Jujitsu: The Art of Turning Data into Product

It raises the possibility of breaking into small problems with larger subsequent analysis using Big Data solutions.

Suggests the use of human inputs to simplify the process of designing automated analysis seeking new solutions for our users.

The book has 13 reviews of different flavours.

books about big data
What Is Data Science?

Within the world of Big Data we can identify two major roles. Developers (called Hadoopers) and Data Scientists. The latter are those who bear the focus of the book.

In recent months, the job searches of Data Scientists increased considerably making them a buzz in the world of technology. These roles, usually occupied by mathematicians, are responsible for defining the analysis models that will then be developed by hadoopers.

This is a good book as an introduction to this world. He has 19 quality reviews.

books about big data
Getting Started Guide: Analyzing Big Data with AWS

This guide presents the use of Big Data technology that amazon provides to its customers through the AWS.

Has some introductory information to the subject and focuses on the use of its technologies for information analysis.

This is not a purely technical book but an introductory guide. It has 49 pages and 6 reviews.

books about big data
Big Data, Analytics, and the Future of Marketing & Sales

The book discusses the benefits of using Big Data in the world of sales to potential buyers facilitating the decision-making processes (by recommendation).

Suggests the use of technologies to identify potential business opportunities, convert those opportunities into products and direct customers.

Has an analysis that shows that companies that invest in Big Data have gain levels between 5 and 6% higher than companies that do not do.

The book has 98 pages and 12 reviews in total.

These were the books about Big Data and I found that seemed to bring some information ordered or even as an introduction to the world of Big Data, what the blogs are not bringing today.

BTW if you want to read the article in spanish you can find it at libros sobre big data.

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