vmware vsan in Argentina – why makes sense to use it

vmware vsan in Argentina – why makes sense to use it. First of all this post is essential to anyone that is in charge of IT or determines a vmware architecture for a remote office based in Argentina, Venezuela and other emerging countries.

It will cover how the economic and political situation impacts on organisation’s technology purchase processes and definitions.

Let me admit that I’m an associate of a vmware business partner in Argentina. Some of the readers will think that I’m writing this article because I want to close more deals but it’s not the case. Any other software-defined storage applies the same way in Argentina so there is no intention here. I’m focusing the post on vmware vsan because is the technology that I know best.

Argentina’s Economic and Political  Situation

Argentina’s Economic and Political situation is not the best right now. And it’s even worst if we relate it with information technology.

Argentina does not produce any information technology related to infrastructure (hardware or software). Because of that the country is forced to import everything that a modern datacenter needs to be built or to keep it running.

The economic deficit is forcing the government to regulate every transaction that involves importing products and services in order to minimise the impact on foreign currency reserve.

This situation forces delays in hardware and software purchases of weeks and months. In some cases the transaction doesn’t even take place mainly because the government has to approve each and every transaction.

On top of that, if you need to import something from another country you are forced to pay 30% more because you are not buying local products. Products that are not even produced here.

It’s easier to get a transaction approved if it’s related to software than hardware.

vsan in argentina and emerging countries

vmware’s technology adoption in Argentina

vmware’s technology is widely adopted in Argentina and that’s the first reason why vsan makes sense here.

It’s software-defined storage incorporated on the same web client that administrators are used to operate every working day so it won’t be a problem to incorporate new knowledge.

It’s going to be easier for any IT admin in Argentina to learn how to administer vsan than any other new storage solution that you plan to implement.

Argentina’s organisation sizes

Organisations in Argentina are smaller than the ones you can find in other countries like The United States, Canada or The UK.

When vmware announced the use cases for vmware vsan indicated that it’s ideal for remote/branch offices you need to understand that IT requirements of most argentinian organisations  are more related to small businesses requirements in The States than with big organisations.

This is another reason why vsan makes sense.

Breaking up architecture standards

I’m sure that most of the readers of this article never considered vsan as a solution for a main datacenter of a subsidiary overseas. But in case of Argentina you have.

Creating an IT standard isn’t something that you will do overnight. But at least consider modifying your existing ones including vsan allowing your remote IT staff to make the final decision.

vmware vsan in Argentina – why makes sense

To recap:

  • Importing hardware is complex than importing software
  • The knowledge is already in place
  • It’s easier to get a few disks than a full storage system
  • Getting disks will take a few weeks
  • Getting a full storage system will take months

vsan will be an excellent option if you are planning some changes at your remote datacenter in Argentina.

Argentina’s situation is pretty similar with Venezuela’s and another emerging countries, that’s why the article applies to both.

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